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Jack Crayne
Computer, Network and Internet Technology Support and Repairs
Camden, SC 29020

(803) 272-2912

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Truvista setup links:

Customer Service
Local 24x7 Customer Service Number

Internet Technical Support Number

Kershaw Community Portal

Email account activation using master account:

(Please note that only your master account user name is carried over to Truvista. You must activate your master account prior to setting up additional accounts for Truvista using the link below.)

Setup additional email accounts with Truvista:

(Please note that you must log in using your activated Truvista master account)

Message Center:

TruVista has activated a Message Center for your new Mail Filter services. TruVista is pleased to be able to provide these services to help prevent viruses and unwanted e-mail from reaching your mailbox. You must log in using the following login replacing "yourusername" with your Truvista user name. It is strange, but "" is used as part of the log in address. You shield have received an email with a temporary password to use to initially log in. Remember to write down and record new passwords.

log in address:


Message center support link:


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