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Email Setup Help Documents

I have placed several links below to documents that will help you with your email setup. Most of these are concenring different and setups.

When setting up your email to use more than one email account and you are using MS Office Pro, you should use profiles. Do a help search in MS Office for email profiles. This option can be accessed in control panel under the mail icon. When setting up profile I recommend that you select the option to choose the prifile at startup. Using this option will allow you to select the profile you wish to check mail on.

Basic email setup

Ssometimes you may be using a different email domain but your internet provider is (DSL). You will need to configure you mail to use your domain mail as incomming and as the outgoing server.

Your domain with Bellsouth outgoing servers

The link below is specific to Kershaw County School District employees. It retrienes mail from the KCSD servers and sends them out on outgoing servers.

KCSD pop email configuration

If you just need the general Kershaw County School District pop server email setup information and you do not have outgoing mail server restrictions, use this lnk. This is an example for KCSD pop server setup without outgoing restrictions:

Basic pop server setup for KCSD


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